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Michaël Dal Negro

Mountain Leader
Mountain Bike & Trail Running Instructor
portrait Michaël Dal Negro




I was born at the foot of Mont Blanc. I grew up in Saint Gervais Mont Blanc at 12,5 mi from Chamonix. Hearty for mountain since I was young, I was looking behind the windows when I was at school.
I chose these ways of life because of thje force of trades, relationships and sharing we can have. I like to transmit my knowledges (about medicinal plants, geology, history) and to give the best for you. Trekkings and one day hiking completely disconnect us and reinforce contacts.

In summer, I’ll be there to guide you on hiking tracks, walking, mountain biking or running. Il could be trekking (Around Mont Blanc for example) or simply during one day.
In the winter, come with me hiking with ski to new horizons or for those who don’t like to slip, you could enjoy snowshoeing.
Of course, I like mother nature’s wild spaces and vastness it gives us, always exploring new places. All my trips are about and around trekking and mountains.

My preference is for Mont Blanc Mountainswhere I grew up. There is plenty different landscapes. But i generally like Alps. This mountain range is full of beautifull valleys.
Abroad France, i appreciated atypical trekking in New Zealand, the greatness of Nepal, without forgetting the incredible mountains of Peru and Bolivia.



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